Soundcloud update
Posted on May 3rd 2014

Big up to all my followers on soundcloud Just reached 800 followers will be a ukG classics mix coming your way soon . Been really quiet lately but will be starting up my once a month mix of new skool UKG and hopefully finish some new tunes . All for free coming your way soon ......

Behind time
Posted on October 28th 2013

At the moment had a lot of trouble on my computer and other things . So music has been on the back foot . i Still have 3 new dj mixes to put up and tracks for you soon all FREE of course , will update once things have got better . thats all for now .

In the Lab
Posted on May 10th 2013

Been working away in the studio nearly finsihed 3 tunes just need to master them . On the look out for gigs now iam ready for it all . Gonna be mixing this months UKG mix up and also the 4th vol in my club classics series . Will report back when i have more information....

Getting things starting
Posted on April 6th 2013

Been quiet lately but that doesnt mean i havent been busy . Working on a lot of tracks coming your way soon and all for free download . There are 2 new mixes on my main website and soundcloud page , so get over there and have a listen . Thats all for now loads to come .

Getting back on Track
Posted on February 26th 2013

Havent wrote on here for a while but ive been busy working on tracks and mixes . There will be alot more coming from me this year . I will be doing more updates on here twitter and my blog so you know what iam up 2 . Thats all for now .

Posted on May 14th 2012

Ive now been appointed SnF contributor at the site which means ill be finding new tracks videos and mixes to do with Uk Garage for members of the site to see and hear. If you have anything you want on the site email

Been a while
Posted on May 12th 2012

1omin weekly videos are back showcasing Uk Garage so if u know someone who isnt into this music get them to have a listen . My monlthy mix is out soon along with club classics vol3 mix , and finally will be release my 3rd release ' Draw ' soon.....

You Tube
Posted on November 9th 2011

From this week iam doing a 10min new skool uk garage showcase video once a week every week and that will go up on a monday . CD's are nearly all done and iam working on  production , get over to my blogg on my contact page for more.

Coming together
Posted on October 25th 2011

Ive just added to my bloog which will give you all information about what iam doing at the moment . Get over to the contact page and click on the blogg link at the bottom of the page .

Tunes on the way and site improvements
Posted on September 2nd 2011

Got loads of new links put on the contact page , There is my twitter account facebook group soundcloud you tube and blogg . All starting to be updated regularly . Also different sites being added to my links page most to do with Uk garage .Mix cd's should be getting sent out once a few problems have been overcome and my studio problems are now being fixed so more of my productions are on the way . Thats it for now try and sign up with the groups iam in and ill see you soon.

Posted on January 14th 2011

Both my twitter and facebook group links are now on the contact page of this site .

New mix
Posted on January 13th 2011

Checkout the audio section got a new mix up for ya .

You can catch me not just here
Posted on September 19th 2010

Catch me on Twitter JRRN82 and facebook John Nuttall (essex) .

Fearlessradio name change
Posted on August 28th 2010

The internet site i play on has changed its name from to and my show stays the same though . Every tuesday 5pm till 7pm playing uk garage . show
Posted on August 6th 2010

Thats right iam back on internet radio every tuesday 5pm till 7pm playing uk garage .

Top 5 uk g tracks at the moment
Posted on June 7th 2010

2 bit thugs - Vigilante freedownload

Lee carr - breathe (danny dubz remix)

Inna - Hot (Dj Danny B-Line Remix) not sure if this is out yet

Ranking records - rush (golf glove rerub)cant remeber were i got this from

Breakage - Speechless ( feat donaeo ) juno

Updateing site more often
Posted on June 2nd 2010

saw today how old my last update was so ill try and start updateing more often with mixes information about myself and were you can find tracks that i have made .

Posted on August 20th 2009

was playing on waxfm for a few weeks but due to problems had to end the show .

getting things rolling
Posted on June 10th 2009

Got a links page which i will start filling up , new skool mix up soon also trying to finish tracks . Big up all the web crew working on my site your large . thats all for now try and keep coming back will be putting more mixes up soon .

Coming soon
Posted on February 18th 2009

A new mix cd in the works which will be called ' heres your fix ' vol 1 . It will have new garage old garage 4x4 bassline grime and dubstep . Keep your eyes peeled .

New cms program uploaded to site
Posted on January 27th 2009

big up all the crew working on the site . they have given me the powers to access the update page and also the audio page so watch out for more updates soonnnnnn!!!!! .

Official Website Launched
Posted on January 21st 2009

Welcome to the official website of DJ John N. From here you can browse the site, learn more about myself, my style of music, upcoming venues, my influences, my favorite artists and also check out my production and radio work.

I'm still in the process of updating the site, so please bear with me. I'd like to hear your feedback on the website, so feel free to contact me.

To Be Confirmed Coming Soon Coming Soon
To Be Confirmed Coming Soon Coming Soon
To Be Confirmed Coming Soon Coming Soon